Plyometric Training Program Example

Sports are played at a high rate of speed, require great power and quick reaction time. While it is true that genetics plays a role in how much of these you are born with initially, plyometrics can greatly enhance your athleticism. Plyometrics trains your body with quick ballistic movements that match or exceed the speed of sport. Training your body to respond quickly to any given situation is what makes you so successful. Try these next two exercises four times a week for 12 minutes a day to see a dramatic increase in your jumping ability and upper body strength. Two Legged Jumps Stay in place while you jump. Jump as high as possible. Make sure you are on a plyometric surface. Keep your head on a line with your groin. Arch your back and keep your chest up. Keep your arms bent, not straight, and back on landing. Start with four sets of 30 seconds. Work up to four sets of two minutes. Tips Use a gym mat to provide a plyometric surface for jumps. Don't let your back fade forward. You can put a piece of tape on the floor to mark your place. Check between jumps quickly and get your head back up in position for the jump. Chest Pulses Begin in the forward prone position. Make sure that you are on a plyometric surface such as a rubber mat or a thick carpeted floor. You are face down on he exercise ball and your knees are in the center of the exercise ball. Your hands should be extended shoulder width apart with your hands on the floor. Walk your hands forward until your ankles or the top of your feet are centered on top of the ball. Your shoulders should be directly over your hands. Lower your body like as if you were doing a push-up. Instead of pushing up as you would in a traditional push-up, throw your body up so that your hands leave the ground. Throwing your body off of the ball will train your muscles to fire faster. You can make the exercise more challenging the depth of your push up. Try bending your arms 1/4 way, then 1/2 way and then do short little pulses. You are giving your muscles time to reload before firing again. This will give them the ability to be more explosive. Tips By the end of the week you will begin to feel stronger in you feet, obliques and core and feel stronger in your chest. You will begin to notice that the muscles in your obliques and core will start to feel like one fluid muscle rather that separate entities.



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