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SSLHow can you train effectively if you don't know what your weakest link is?

In other words you have to know what the important components of the human anatomy are that will make you run faster and jump higher. Your feet, hamstrings, glutes and low abdominals are just a few of the muscles that need to be trained properly in order to maximize your speed. If any of those areas are weak then your body is out of balance and cannot produce the maximal force needed to run fast or jump high.

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  • Follow us by February 28th, when we will randomly select a winner from our posse.
  • If you are in the Southern California area (or can make it here), you are welcome to come to our facility for the evaluation. If not, it can be conducted via webcam.
  • For all terms and conditions, please write to:
    23-Point Evaluation Giveaway
    3648 Ocean Ranch Blvd.
    Oceanside, CA 92056