About Sport Science Lab

Sport Science Lab is a company founded by Gavin MacMillan. The focus of the company is the continued development and improvement of athletic training modalities that improve all aspects of elite sports performance.

The many training systems offered by SSL are based on the published scientific research studies done by the great Russian scientist, Yuri Verkoshansky, who passed away this year. His work is the basis for the fundamental principles that drive all the training modalities that exist within this domain.

This website is intended to be an evolving intellectual resource base that the user can access at any time to improve sports performance, nutrition, general fitness, quality of life or prepare their child for their respective sport.

Children in this country are thrown into sports with little or no foundational preparation in how to use their bodies before they are asked to compete. That is why most become a discarded statistic and the few genetically gifted ones survive the current system to continue to move on to higher levels of their sport. I intend to change that. Children need to be taught to run before they play in a sport that requires running. They need to be taught to hit and throw before they step foot on a baseball field. If not, the chances for success are slim to none and the child is left bearing the responsibility.

We offer video workout routines that can be followed at home, certification courses for trainers, and of course on site training at the parent facility in Southern California or with one of the many affiliates around the country and now in Canada and Europe as well.

We also offer website membership that provides the technical information for the user to train and prepare for any sport, improve general fitness, quality of life or prepare their child for sports. The individual training zones provide all the information necessary to prepare for your sport whether you are an amateur, child or preparing for the NFL combine.

Sport Science Lab is rapidly expanding and would like to welcome to our growing family the PVM Nutrition/South Africa, SSL Finland, Clovis Unified School District, Michigan Sports Academy, Gold’s Gym London/Canada, and the 18 affiliates around the country. We would also like to thank the thousands of athletes that have trained here over the years, without you this place would not exist.

My single goal is to insure a Better Way of Life for each person that interacts with SSL through exercise, nutrition and inspiration.

Thank You!

Gavin MacMillan