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Sports Science Lab re-defines athletic training and the entire performance training category. Our methodology represents the next evolution of fitness. This renders all other conventional systems as last year’s model.

We’re not a Franchise. We’re a community of trainers, athletes & fitness purists who believe there is a better way to achieve athletic & fitness goals. Members of this community believe that it’s more important how you train than where you train. We encourage SSL Affiliates to set up where it makes sense….in their garage, a spare room, the basement, at the recreation center, etc.

As an affiliate, you can be as basic or as complete as you’d like. Start by being certified in evaluating an athlete, with our 23 Point Proprietary Evaluation. Then add the Foundational Footwork modality so you can begin training others to train their feet—the basis of every athletic movement. The foot has 1% of the bodies muscles yet carries 99% of the load. Currently, how many conventional programs train the feet? (Answer: None).

Next, add the Ballistic Ball Workout certification. Then Foundational Plyometrics (running mechanics), etc. Or, stop there. It’s your call.

You can grow as big or stay as private as you’d like. The key is to spread the word. Enlist friends to try a workout and then tell others of the remarkable experience. Our unique methodology—NeuroMuscular Intensification Training—is our battle cry. Once you see an SSL workout, you’re addicted. Warning: We’re also about hard work. None of our routines are easy. But they are extremely rewarding. And, even though doing the exercises is a challenge, it does not beat you up. Nor does it tear down your muscles. In fact, you can do the Sport Science Lab workouts every day if you choose. That’s one of our secrets to success. The gains you will make will astonish everyone—even yourself. And, you can help others achieve what they never thought possible!

You become part of the SSL brand and get certified as an SSL Affiliate…which serves as a pre-requisite to a certification in Evaluating an Athlete. Affiliate Certification includes SSL methodology, rationale and a classroom section on nutrition.

Being part of the SSL brand means being part of our marketing which provides the following: a link on the SSL web site; access to the private Affiliate zone and forum; Discounts on equipment and instructional DVD’s; FREE Elite Membership; access to all SSL marketing materials/insight to help you attract clients to your business. We have a professional Advertising Agency as our partner, so you are assured of the best in marketing programs and material.

Evaluating an Athlete is our Holy Grail. It’s a proprietary 23-Point Process to identify the weaknesses in an individual so that these may be addressed and remediated to help take them to new levels of athleticism.

Join us!

Don’t just take it from us…listen to what some of our affiliates have to say:


“It by far exceeded my expectations”

– Nicholas Story (Sport Science Lab Affiliate)
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“I’ve been through a lot of different types of sports training, this is by far the best that I’ve been to”.

– Lance Koss (Sport Science Lab Affiliate)
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“All the work that they do here is tremendous. I would highly suggest it to anybody involved in sports…”

– George Wells (Sport Science Lab Affiliate)
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“We learned a ton in three days…probably more in three days then we have in the rest of our lives.”

– Alan Smith (Sport Science Lab Affiliate)
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