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This device is engineered and manufactured in the USA and is unique in the marketplace for many reasons.
Isokinetics was particularly popular in the USA in the 60’s and 70’s. The resistance factor was determined by limiting the speed which ensured a maximum load of the muscles throughout the entire working range of motion. Most of those original devices such as the Cybex machine did not mimic functional movement patterns but rather open chain movements such as leg extensions. The Isokinetic resistance of those machines is defined as being a set speed. The SSL Accelerating Isokinetic Machine is an improvement on the original concept of isokinetic resistance as the speed of this machine increases with an increase in the force applied by the athlete. The resistance, therefore is a function of the force applied by the athlete and not the magnitude of the external load as is the case in conventional weightlifting exercises. This allows for the training and improvement of the rate of force production by the athlete.


Accelerated Isokinetic Machine

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