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SSL’s Foundational Footwork DVD is the basis for your athletic and fitness goals. Whether you want to rehab an injury, gain inches on your vertical, or add MPH to your fastball, this is where you start. By training the bare foot, and adding variable balance to every aspect of it, SSL’s Foundational Footwork DVD brings attention to the part of your body that handles 99% of your athletic motion, with 1% of your body’s muscle.
But that’s not all it does. The unique movements in the Foundational Footwork Training DVD will strengthen your core, increase your proprioception, and realize gains in all-around athleticism like you’ve never seen. Combine with our Ballistic Ball Workout for the ULTIMATE workout…at home, in the gym, even on the road.
Please note that this DVD was filmed before we began producing the smaller Discs and Slantboards. The basic-level discs and slantboards are only large enough for you to balance on the ball of your foot, which provides a better workout.

Foundational Footwork Instructional DVD

SKU: DVD-827717
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