The Ballwork program is focused on developing core strength, improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, improve balance and proprioception, improve coordination of the limbs in different ranges of motion and different planes of movement, improve awareness in space, improve muscle contraction speed, improve muscular balance and symmetry, and most importantly improve muscular relaxation and fluid movement.

This program is incredibly diverse in its applications and is used as a warmup and rehabilitative tool for elite athletes, an intense workout for the general fitness enthusiast that delivers excellent muscle balance, tone and symmetry, and a great athletic preparatory tool for young kids, high school athletes, college athletes and professionals alike. It simultaneously stretches and strengthens the limbs while stabilizing the core making it one of the more dynamic yet simple exercise programs that are out there.

While almost all exercise programs are synonymous with pain, muscle tightness and discomfort due to the constant tension, the Ballwork program is stimulating, invigorating and refreshing and leaves the user feeling looser, relaxed and in a more balanced state.