The Footwork program is focused on developing the strength of the feet in different ranges of motion and different angles through the use of custom designed slant boards, balance disks and 4 inch cylindrical pipes.
The necessity of foot strength and ankle mobility was well established by Russian Scientists 30 years ago when it was determined that the foot produced more force in the starting phase of running and jumping then the rest of the muscles of the leg combined. They provide the foundation for all apsects of athleticism.
The feet are the only part of the human body in constant contact with the ground in terms of propulsion horizontally, vertically and laterally. The ankle joint needs to have the appropriate range of motion to maximize the force the body pushes off the ground with. The feet contain 1/4th of the total of bones in the human body and only 1 percent of it’s muscle so the feet need to be maximally strength trained to not only accommodate the forces generated by the body but also properly support the entire weight load of the human body.
All movements involve the feet and yet they are ignored in almost training modalities.