The Poolwork Program is an incredibly diverse exercise regimen that can be used for sports performance, rehabilitation, recovery and aesthetics.

It improves muscular balance, muscular relaxation and contraction speed, core strength, biomechanical efficiency of the joints and muscles, and muscle tone and symmetry, to name but a few.

It can be used to train a six year old or ninety year old without any chance of injury. The water provides an intense muscular workout without the use of excessive weight load so it is incredibly stimulating to the central nervous system and refreshing to the muscular structure. It allows for training the limbs in all different ranges of motion and planes of movement without the risk of injury and yet forces them to produce maximal force and speed. This cannot be done with heavy weight.

I use this program in so many ways. The rehabilitation of a damaged knee(torn acl, lcl, mcl, pcl, meniscus), rehabilitation of damaged shoulder(torn labrum, torn rotator cuff), solving muscular imbalances in the hips, groin, hamstring, quads, should, back, training children safely to use their body, and as a general fitness tool for anyone of any age.

It is one of the most productive yet inexpensive ways to train or just exercise the human body without injury risk. Water demands fluid movement in order to generate velocity as muscle tension will only inhibit the speed of movement. It again leaves the user feeling invigorated, refreshed, loose and stimulated.