What We Offer

What differentiates the SSL program is that we prepare our athletes to be able to handle whatever adversity their respective sport may throw at them.
We are truly trying to build the Perfect Athlete by improving all of the qualities that an elite athlete needs to be successful and not just his/her ability to move heavy weight in a linear fashion at a slow rate of speed. Athletes need coordination, rhythm, timing, balance, proprioception, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, muscle balance, all types of strength, awareness of space, reactive ability, foot strength, biomechanical efficiency, mental abilities, confidence, and of course sport specific skill.
Conventional training methods that are solely focused on the maximum weight lifted do not adequately address the needs of ANY elite athlete. Our high school and college strength and conditioning programs in general fall far short in terms of properly preparing athletes for their sports. We literally address all of the needs of each athlete from head to toe and it starts with a proper evaluation.