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The importance of strength development of the feet is largely neglected by conventional training systems. The feet provide the foundation of all athletic movement as they are the only parts of the body that is in constant contact with the ground. Furthermore, they function as weight support structures, shock absorbers and propel us horizontally, vertically and laterally. In fact, it has been shown that during starting phase of running and jumping, the feet produce more force than the rest of the muscles of the lower limb combined.  While the feet contain 25% of the total bones of the body, they only contain 1% of the muscles. Strength training of the feet therefore enables the feet to support the body's weight load and accommodate forces produced during every day and advanced athletic activities.

The Footwork program focuses on the strength development of the feet in different ranges of motion, in different plane of movement and at different speeds. In, addition the exercises challenge balance and proprioception, two fundamental components of athleticism. This is achieved with the use of our custom SSL discs, slant boards and cylindrical pipes as well as the Accelerated Isokinetic and Supercat machines.

Footwork Equipment

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