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SSL Certification

SSL offers online training certification for trainers, physical therapists, athletes and fitness professionals.  Certification include theoretical (SSL methodology and rational behind training systems) and practical training. As an affiliate you become part of the SSL brand which means you would get a link on the SSL website, access to the affiliate zone and forum and access to all SSL marketing materials/insight to help attract clients to your business.  The certification program consists of 3 levels. An affiliate you can be as basic or complete as you'd like.

Level 1 (Launched)

SSL Screening and Evaluation

SSL Footwork Program

SSL Ballistic Ballwork Program

SSL Poolwork Program

Level 2 (Launching soon)

Strengthwork program on the Accerated Isokinetic machine, Pilates reformer, Oblique/Ab, Glut/Ham, Push Press and Transverse Plio.

Level 3 (Launching soon)

Plyometric and strength training on the Plio and advanced biomechanics of general and sport specific movements.

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