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SSl Photo Album

Discussing boxing strategy

Gavin ring side with Freddie Roach

GSP getting some Poolwork done as part of his ACL rehab.

Miguel Cotto Sparring session in preparation for his fight against Rodrigues.

Ruslan Provodnikov after a run during training camp.

Niel du Plessis and Alfred Rheeder

Team SSL South Africa during their visit to California.

GSP's comeback special

During the filming of GSP's ESPN special

Boxing Legend

Freddie Roache's induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Miguel Cotto getting some Strengthwork done!

Gavin and Eric Perez - UFC Fighter

Sharing a light moment during a rehab session

San Juan Capistrano

The First SSL facility

SSL San Juan Capistrano

Getting it done since 2008

SSL San Juan Capistrano
SSL Irvine Facility

Asics Sport Performance Center

A day at work

A busy day of training NFL veterans at SSL Irvine.

Cotto vs Alveres

Gavin during Miguel Cotto's weigh-in before his fight against Alveres in Nov 2015.

Postol vs Matthysse

Gavin with Victor Postol after his knockout win against Matthysse in Oct 2015.

Talking Tactics

Gavin and Miguel Cotto after a sparring session at Wild Card Boxing Gym

Adaptive Training Foundation

David Debora gives a shout out to Gavin during a visit to the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas


During filming of SSL training programs.

GSP road to recovery

Gavin during ESPN filming GSP's come back special

Gavin and Dominique Cruz

Discussing strategy during a warm-up

Sibling Support

Mia Fava, 14 year old soccer player, doing rehab (ACL tear) with brother Luca who joined in for fun.

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