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Sport Science Lab Facility


sport science lab

SSL was established in 1999 by  Gavin MacMillan. To date we have multiple international franchises and affiliates. We focus on the training and rehabilitation of various level athletes competing in a variety of sports. Our ultimate goal is to prepare athletes for all demands and any adversity the sporting world might pose. SSL's evaluation and training systems are based on current scientific research related to improved performance and injury prevention, thereby striving for success and longevity in the athlete's chosen sport.

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While keeping current research in mind, we also go back to the basics of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Athleticism is a result of movement skills development that involves learning proper technIques for agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, reaction time, speed, strength and endurance. Our training systems do not however treat each of these aspects as mutually exclusive but integrate them as to complement each other.



our equipment

In the quest to incorporate all types of strength into a training system, existing equipment posed many limitations. As a result, SSL designed proprietary equipment which would allow training of athletes' in a more functional manner and address all types of strength to a more or lessor extent, depending on the athletes’ particular needs. 

SSL Equipment brochure
"The methods SSL has developed over 40 years are simply better"

Troy Polamalu

Professional NFL player

"It moreso translates to the basketball court than typical weights"

Tyson Chandler

NBA Centre

" Thank you Gavin for your help. I am proud to be associated with SSL Training." 

Georges St. Pierre

UFC World Champion


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