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Accelerated Isokinetic Machine

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The resistance/opposing force created by the Accelerated ISO constantly matches that of the athlete (as conventional isokinetic machines do), but also allows for the athlete to accelerate the velocity at which the force is applied, thereby making this type of training more applicable to sporting activities.

Resistance is generated by a flywheel (i.e., air resistance) as opposed to weight load, and clients can be inverted, making less than body weight training possible. Training on the ISO is, therefore, safe in the acute/subacute phases of rehab and under the guidance of a skilled clinician, highly unlikely to aggravate or worsen a client's injury.

For performance, training on the ISO will mainly aim to improve the rate of force development (RFD), Force, Accelerating strength, and/or velocity during the concentric phase of the movement. Six-intensity settings make it possible to adjust the momentum/resistance offered by the fan blade.

NOTE: This is a Large Package purchase. These are custom made and take 10-12 weeks to manufacture. A flat shipping rate has been applied based on past shipping rates. The customer is responsible for the difference if the rate changes when shipped. 

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