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Advanced Wooden Slant Board

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Advanced Wooden Slant Board is designed for personal home use. It is lightweight and durable.

The slant board is designed to train balance, proprioception, and strength of the feet in different ranges and planes of motion. As the fore-to-midfoot is placed on the slant board during the performance of the exercises, athletes are conditioned to produce power from this position. To maintain balance, athletes must assume the Power Position i.e., knee-over-toe so that the lateral aspect of the foot is parallel to the thigh, and the lower leg is parallel to the trunk. In this way, the ankle, knee, and hip are at 90° angles in relation to each other. This position is the foundation for the generation of power during most athletic movements.

Strengthening of the feet in all directions allows athletes to push off more powerfully during running, jumping, change of direction, and lateral movement. Balance and proprioceptive re-education of injured joints are essential components of the rehabilitation process. Exercises on the slant boards should therefore not only be included in athletes’ strength conditioning programs but also in rehabilitation protocols. Exercises on the basic slant board can be progressed by adding the advanced slant board and or the Necker. All footwork equipment is made from metal.

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