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Training on the Plio (originally named the "Supercat") forms an essential part of the SSL strength and plyometric training regimes. The design allows for both constant and non-constant contact as well as upright and inverted type training. Upper and lower body movements that more so resemble cyclic activities (i.e. activities in which the concentric phase is preceded by the eccentric phase) such as running, jumping, and throwing can be trained at body weight or a load less or more than body weight. Additionally, the downward motion of the arm accelerates at a 2:1 ratio, thereby eliciting a greater stretch-reflex upon contact during non-constant contact movements. For performance purposes, the value and timing of Fmax in a cyclic movement can therefore be manipulated.

For rehabilitation purposes, post-injury plyometric type actions can be re-educated at loads less than body weight until the athlete/injured structure is able to tolerate loads closer to body weight before upright (i.e. body weight) training commences

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The instability bench, adjustable handles, and ramp are included accessories included in the purchase price.

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